About the Artist

My name is Dale Waterson from North Carolina and I am from a family of hobby woodworkers.

My grandfather was a hobby woodworker who passed the skills ( and his tools ) of the art down to my father, who instilled a love of woodworking in me at an early age. I followed my dad into the woodshop in the evenings and as soon as I was old enough to hold a hammer, my dad was teaching me the basics of woodworking. The older I got, the more advanced the skill lessons got and the more machines I was able to use. By the time I was in high school I was building elementary furniture and doing carpentry around the farm. I worked as a carpenter, putting myself through technical school, but decided to pursue engineering and computers as a trade, setting aside the love of woodworking to devote the time to job and raising a family.
My dad ended up having to close up his woodshop as they decided to travel full time in an RV, so I inherited his tools and also some that belonged to my grandfather. As a matter of fact the lathe I use belonged to my grandfather. Being around the tools renewed a long dormant love of woodworking and I began to pursue the passion more and more.
The artwork you see on my page is the culmination of a life long journey. I have focused on the love of turning wood into art and every new piece is an adventure both challenging my skills and learning how to discover the hidden beauty of a seemingly insignificant chunk of wood.
I hope you enjoy owning a piece of my work as much as I have in creating it.